A digital leadership program that helps brands boost their credibility and reputation through the visibility of their executives on LinkedIn.

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What does the Inbassadors methodology consist of?

Strategic component

Analysis of each executive’s profile, along with one-on-one sessions to define the personal brand strategy based on objectives, key topics, and main audiences.

Creation of multi-format content

Inspired by the concept of ghostwriting, original content is produced taking into account the different editorial and digital formats accepted by LinkedIn. Also, third-party content is curated.

Community building

This is achieved through content publication, the monitoring and evaluation of key metrics, a permanent interaction with the digital community, and the participation and influence on different topics and groups according to each executive’s interest.

Measurement, monitoring, and reporting

Periodic delivery of results reports that include community data, content performance, and thematic suggestions.

4 key aspects of Inbassadors

It increases brand visibility

Reach new audiences using the expertise of those who lead the company.

It humanizes the brand

Show your audiences that, behind every great company, there are people that mobilize it.

Influence at zero cost

Take advantage of external channels to share company messages.


Build a strong community inside and outside the company’s official channels.

A unique visibility program on LinkedIn to boost brands’ digital presence.

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Inbassadors: a program that works

How we did it for Red Hat

Monthly content creation for 30 executives in the region

Management of the executives’ personal profiles for publication and reporting

Database consolidation and audience filtering

These were our results









Andrés Indaverea

Manager, Marketing Communications Red Hat Latin America

"Working on the visibility of our executives on LinkedIn has allowed us to increase Red Hat’s recognition, its services and events in the region, as well as promoting networking with different segments of interest to the company".

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