Communication and Public Relations

Comms & PR

Communication and public relations

Brands and organizations need to achieve consistent and clear communication to convey their purpose, their values and their differential offer to the market and their audiences. MileniumGroup, in its strategic communications and public relations practice, masters every tactic so that its clients are known, loved and preferred in their business segments.

Estrategia de comunicación

Communication Strategy

Our strategic planning methodology is based on understanding and knowing the audiences, defining memorable strategies, activating high-impact campaigns and measuring results. In this way we help our clients achieve their business objectives.

Corporate communication

The success of a corporate communication program lies in understanding each client's business in its entirety in order to address it at the highest level: creation of corporate narratives, relationship plans, social responsibility programs, executive visibility strategies, prevention and management of crisis, public affairs and spokesperson training.

Comunicación corporativa
Comunicación interna

Internal communication

The strength of a company's reputation comes from within. As a strategic communication agency, we accompany the communication and human resources teams of organizations in the planning and implementation of comprehensive communication strategies: campaigns, creative writing, corporate newsletters, training for employees, internal events, and all the production of audiovisual content.

Media relations

We achieve opportunities in the media to communicate the value offered by our clients, we work so that journalists identify them as a main source of their sector, appreciate them and talk about their brand.

Media relations
Gestión de la reputación online

Online reputation management

Monitoring, analyzing and anticipating is what brands looking to lead in a world of digital conversations beyond their control do.

Crisis management

Prevention, management and action against the crisis are scenarios in which a company can make the difference between managing a great opportunity or a great reputational problem. Our crisis management plan has three key stages. Prevention: creation of manuals and protocols, design of crisis drills, monitoring of online reputation; management: definition of reputational risk, risk assessment, corporate position, development of the crisis communication plan, dark sites; mitigate the impact: online monitoring of the conversation, reactive communication campaigns.

Gestión de crisis


PR is essential to build digital authority in any SEO positioning strategy. Our focus as a communication and public relations agency is on the creation of content that meets SEO standards: anchor links, inclusion of key terms, relevant and in-depth information, added to management with key digital media, specialized blogs and social promotion through social networks.

Spokesperson training

Spokesperson training allows communication with the media and public opinion to be more effective and accurate, as well as being precise and clear with corporate and business messages and interests. In our workshops we develop sessions of up to 16 hours of training for up to 8 spokespersons with narrative talks and corporate messages, interview management, training with cameras, comparative sessions.

Entrenamiento de voceros

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Digital Marketing

In a world like the current one, dominated by screens, the main challenge for brands is to make the most of digital platforms to build real bonds with their audience. At MileniumGroup we specialize in the development of digital strategies and content to help you build the desired brand positioning, enhance the business model, build reputation and generate relevant messages for your target audience.

Content Marketing

In a world of screens that define the digital age, content is one of the most important assets in brand construction and positioning, but also in strategic communication and clearly in the marketing development of any business. MileniumGroup has within its Latin American team a content factory that has long-standing journalists, award-winning creatives and designers, highly experienced researchers and analysts, and editors specialized in different industries.