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To be original or not to be. Today creativity is an essential asset for strategic communication plans that seek to achieve high impact and be effective. At MileniumGroup we are in charge of breaking paradigms and challenging the status quo with disruptive ideas that adapt to any type of format, so that brands and organizations achieve the results they need.

Digital Marketing

In a world like the current one, dominated by screens, the main challenge for brands is to make the most of digital platforms to build real bonds with their audience. At MileniumGroup we specialize in the development of digital strategies and content to help you build the desired brand positioning, enhance the business model, build reputation and generate relevant messages for your target audience.


Content Marketing

In a world of screens that define the digital age, content is one of the most important assets in brand construction and positioning, but also in strategic communication and clearly in the marketing development of any business. MileniumGroup has within its Latin American team a content factory that has long-standing journalists, award-winning creatives and designers, highly experienced researchers and analysts, and editors specialized in different industries.


One of the infallible strategies used by b2b marketing to build loyalty, build databases and get to know your audiences. At MileniumGroup we have an ecosystem designed for the conceptualization and production of face-to-face, virtual or hybrid events throughout Latin America.

Comms & PR

Communication and Public Relations

Brands and organizations need to achieve constant and clear communication that allows them to be valued and loved by their customers and the market, thus enhancing their strategies to lead and sell. MileniumGroup, in its strategic communications and corporate reputation practice, masters every tactic so that its clients are known, loved and preferred in their business segments.

Influencer Marketing

The influencer marketing strategies that we implement at MileniumGroup manage to put the brand at the center of the conversation with those who speak the most and are listened to by their customers. But above all, do not do it just for money, but because they believe in it. To this end, we have developed methodologies for identifying and scoring influencers to personalize the communication strategy and amplify their most important messages.


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We design communication strategies
for brands from different industries

We design communication strategies for brands from different industries

Consumption and Entertainment

For over 20 years we have been working with some of the world's most iconic and innovative companies. Our experience covers consumer categories such as technology, food, automotive and retail; and clients from the entertainment industry.

Technology b2b

General Electric

One of our most successful practices is creating and implementing communication strategies for b2b businesses and startups in the world of technology. For more than two decades we have been creating digital marketing, public relations, influencer marketing and content marketing strategies so that brands can connect with their audiences in Latin America.


nokia siemens
optical network
Alcatel Lucent

What would the world as we know it today be without telecommunications? We have accompanied this transformation in the world hand in hand with large global companies that provide services from space, on land or under water, with corporate communication, crisis management and public affairs strategies throughout Latin America.


Open English
Le Cordon Blue
Rosetta Stone
Think New

Education is one of our favorite sectors, not only because of the breadth of its audiences that allows us various communication strategies, but also because of the importance of the messages and the mission that our clients develop. It is gratifying and enriching to see the results in terms of positioning of our clients based on assertive, close and very human work from our methodologies.

Human Talent

Michael Page

We have led the large headhunting firms to position their vision of human growth, to share their technical knowledge, to present their vision of the evolution of the world of work, both in the media and in academic and business settings that are key to their goals of growth, with comprehensive communication plans throughout the continent.


General Electric

Work with the health sector can be measured by the degree of impact achieved on its stakeholders and society itself. At MileniumGroup we have developed personalized government relations practices, specialized relationship strategies, strategic consulting in communications and crisis management for these special challenges.


Adopta un man

We are a communications agency with extensive experience, but with the spirit of an emerging company: always reinventing ourselves, breaking paradigms and adapting to the new times of each market; That is why we understand and interpret the communication and marketing challenges that Startups face like no other agency, and we help them to face them successfully.

Finances and E-Commerce

banco azteca
correo argentino

One of the challenges facing the financial sector and e-commerce is building trust in transactions, investment and business, and this is something we have done with great results for clients from traditional banking to Fintech , and the new online sales platforms throughout Latin America.

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