How to measure the reputation of a brand based on the active participation of digital users?

Reputation is a dynamic asset, determined by what others think and not by what brands say about themselves. The social web is the only means of communication with memory and has led organizations to be exposed as never before to…
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MileniumGroup relaunches its brand in Latin America and the United States.

Simplifying the Journey is the new concept that seeks to reflect its ability to simplify the challenges of its customers but with the highest quality standards. The new brand and concept launched by MileniumGroup, goes hand in hand with…
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woman holding phone on facebook

The future of Facebook, from the brand`s perspective

Last year has been difficult for Facebook, it came to light the Cambridge Analytica’s scandal that turned out into the fall of their shares in 2018, a $5 billion USD fine issued by the FTC of the United States for…
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