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Discover how we helped Lenovo find the right opportunity to connect with its audience

What was the problem?

When Peruvian users searched in Google for the words ‘Lenovo’ and ‘computers’, the only thing they found was a regional website and various retail sites. There was a significant opportunity to connect with consumers, and no brand was taking it.

Lost opportunities in searches such as ‘laptops’ allowed us to understand how Peruvians search in Google and how to effectively present them with valuable, relevant content. That’s how Tecnovo was born.

What is Tecnovo?

Tecnovo is an autonomous platform meant to inform and educate in technology-related topics. It is a repository of contents about digital transformation, reviews, cybersecurity, gaming, and tech today.

This platform allowed us to guide Peruvian users in their search for useful information while, in a subtle way, strategically placing product content. The implementation of this platform resulted in 45,000 views, 31,000 reached users, and positioning on the top places in Google search results.

In MileniumGroup, we get results.

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