That they speak highly of your brand and, above all, that those who are most followed and listened to do so, and that they do it not only for money, but because they believe in it. This is what MileniumGroup's influencers' loyalty and development strategies achieve. We put the brand at the center of the conversation with those who speak the most and are listened to by their customers. We have developed influencer identification and scoring methodologies to personalize the strategy.

Influencer profiling


Loyalty and relationship programs

Strategies and tactics for influencers to approach the brand as prosumers, and communicate from experience beyond traditional business relationships.

Creativity for campaigns and activations

In every campaign, creativity makes the difference and strengthens the support in influencers to achieve brand awareness, attract users to your website, add video plays, get leads or increase followers.

Negotiation, contracting and management

We have agreements and relationships with influencing agencies of different categories and we develop agreements directly according to the needs of our clients.

This is how we did it for Ultimate Ears

The Challenge

Position Ultimate Ears as the most exclusive speaker brand on the market.

What did we do?

We set a goal to make Ultimate Ears an aspirational brand.

First, we identify the main singers and musicians in the country, in order to assess their affinity with the brand.

We had to be able to reach them in order to obtain publications or mentions on social networks, only through an exchange with the product.

Then we contact them and, with their approval, coordinate the delivery of the gift.

After the first approach and getting to know them a little beyond their personal image, we reach them through puns, for example, with their songs or outstanding events from their public life on social networks.

We send and constantly monitor any publication

that could be made despite the fact that these characters never acquire the commitment to publish on their networks.

What did we achieve?

We made 6 special shipments during 2019 and we achieved:

We built relationships with artists of different genres and our brand, such as the group Piso 21, Lucas Arnau, Jessica Giraldo, Mike Bahía, Mau and Ricky and Farruko, among others.

Unboxing with more than one story on instagram and mention of the brand and a reach of more than 28 millions of users.

Sporadic publications both in stories and posts about the use that the artists make of their speakers.

Greeicy Rendón, reach 13.000.000
Karol G, reach 29.000.000

Enhance your


Internal Communications

The power of a brand begins within the organization and the strength of a company's reputation lies inside. Building and managing channels and an internal communication strategy that adds value to the company is an increasingly important managerial task. The development and identification of the principles that govern an organization impact on the brand in the market, when from its own internal ranks they lived, express themselves and understand each other. We live in the era of transparent brands

Crisis Management

All brands are public figures with admirers and detractors, all companies are entities with successes and mistakes, when at one point detractors and errors meet, the reputation of the entire organization that is at stake. Crisis prevention, crisis management and crisis action are scenarios where communication makes the difference between managing a great opportunity or a big reputational problem.