At MileniumGroup, our approach to Inbound Marketing means you can improve the way you sell by fully taking advantage of your digital assets. We apply Inbound Marketing not only to maintain a permanent and qualified flow of demand, but also to facilitate the understanding of potential clients, focusing on their needs and optimizing the efforts of the sales teams, allowing them to concentrate on potential high value buyers. Your brand and business then get into a stage of high productivity with an infrastructure that minimize the acquisition costs, increase the demand generation, and maximize your current commercial and marketing resources.
The inbound method is based on attracting prospects, interacting with them and delighting them to boost the growth of a company that at the same time provides value and builds trust. As technology get stronger, the Inbound Method lays the foundation for creating a more useful and humane way of doing business. It is a better way to market, sell and help customers, and, as we all know, what is positive for the customer is also good for the company, so your business can grow better in the long term.
One of the main advantages of Inbound Marketing is that it facilitates prospecting to the extent that we obtain more information about our potential customers. If your sales team is making cold calls, Inbound Marketing will give them the necessary tools to make more intelligent and timely connections.
Qualifying leads is paramount for a successful campaign. We developed a rating system based on “Match” and “Interest”. Match has to do with sociodemographic, socio-economic, job characteristics, company size, billing, or work experience level (among many others) which give the signals that the company or the person is a good prospect for your business. Interest is measured by the dedication and frequency with which the prospect is engaged with your marketing and prospecting efforts. At the end, your sales team will focus on the prospects with the best fit and interest and chances of success. 
Through the Hubspot CRM and automation tools we make qualification, prospecting and one of the most important things in a good Inbound Marketing strategy: the nutrition of potential clients or leads. We create lists by customer categories, content activation rules, migration in the life cycle relationship, follow-up via E-Mail, appointment scheduling, among other automation facilities through Workflows.
 The way to do organic search engine positioning is constantly updated. The way Inbound Marketing deals with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is through the creation of content based on the search intentions of our Buyer Persona. Build with us a content strategy based on “Topics Clusters” to position your company on the first page of search engines and increase the organic traffic and demand of your website or blog.
In addition to positioning your brand on the first page of search engine results, content marketing is the language with which we maintain a permanent relationship with our Person Buyers to attract, retain and delight them. At MileniumGroup we propose to create 10X content (10 times better than your competition) with the latest social media formats, web page, email, and video platforms to increase interest in your business and digital assets.
Commercial emails have 8 times more openings and clicks than any other type of email and can generate 6 times more return on investment. In addition, more than 75% of the return in digital marketing is generated by smart campaigns on massive unsecured campaigns. We take care of making your email marketing strategy a smart and precision-oriented strategy to leverage your entire Inbound Marketing and demand generation strategy. 
We know that digital users are different, their interests change as so their decision motivators. That is why the test, documentation and application of learnings are key to a scalable and growing Inbound Marketing strategy. Through the Hubspot report generation system you can see the impact of your actions in real time: clicks, leads generated, opening rates, retention, productivity by sales representative, users, customers, life cycle stages and many data that facilitate decision making for your Inbound Marketing strategy.