Companies today can evolve from the intrusive appearance of traditional marketing to the intuitive interaction of inbound marketing, which seeks to understand customer needs based on their behaviour on the Internet. Through Digital Marketing they are attracted and then a relationship of trust is developed by sharing valuable information as required to speed up their purchase decision. This lowers the acquisition costs of the business and facilitates reselling.

Editorial strategy

Understanding the needs of the potential customer and, from there, developing a valuable content strategy, is the formula for generating trust and a more effective business relationship with them.

Lead generation

The main indicator of inbound marketing is the generation of valuable leads for the sales team, based on a very precise data and profiling strategy.

Marketing automation

Being at the right time through the right channel accelerates sales. With Inbound Marketing you can automate interaction and be in the right place and time for the purchase decision of your prospects.

Creative campaigns

In every campaign, creativity makes the difference and gives power to more structured ideas to attract users to your website, add video plays, get leads or speed up the purchase decision.

Campaign measurement and tracking

Measure, measure, measure. What cannot be measured cannot be optimized, a truth of Marketing that is an obsession of MileniumGroup, so we measure and pursue data in every strategy.

Leads scoring

Generating leads is the central objective of Inbound Marketing, but establishing what quality each lead is, is what allows you to speed up the purchase decision time and impact the cost of acquisition of the business

Enhance your


Influencer Engagement

That they speak highly of your brand and, above all, that those who are most followed and listened to do so, and that they do it not only for money, but because they believe in it. This is what MileniumGroup's influencers' loyalty and development strategies achieve. We put the brand at the center of the conversation with those who speak the most and are listened to by their customers. We have developed influencer identification and scoring methodologies to personalize the strategy.

Internal Communications

The power of a brand begins within the organization and the strength of a company's reputation lies inside. Building and managing channels and an internal communication strategy that adds value to the company is an increasingly important managerial task. The development and identification of the principles that govern an organization impact on the brand in the market, when from its own internal ranks they lived, express themselves and understand each other. We live in the era of transparent brands.