All brands are public figures with admirers and detractors, all companies are entities with successes and mistakes, when at one point detractors and errors meet, the reputation of the entire organization that is at stake. Crisis prevention, crisis management and crisis action are scenarios where communication makes the difference between managing a great opportunity or a big reputational problem.

Crisis management

Definition of reputational risk, reputation monitoring, data analysis for crisis prevention.

Crisis manuals and protocols

Design, production and/or editing of crisis management manuals and protocols for action and reaction in crisis scenarios.

Crisis simulation and drills

Design and development of crisis scenarios for simulations with follow-up of manuals and protocols, implementation of strategies and monitoring.

Crisis consultancy

Risk assessment, corporate position, development of crisis communication materials, preventive and reactive action plan, corporate crisis management strategies.

Enhance your


Corporate Events

The relationship of brands and organizations with their clients and stakeholders at all levels finds its best catalyst in sharing experiences and, for this, the design and construction of spaces, the assembly and development of events, constitute a work of high value for the business and the evolution of the brand.

Content Factory

In a world of screens that define the digital age, content is one of the most important assets in brand building and positioning, but also in the communication strategy and clearly in the marketing development of any business. MG has within its Latin American team a content factory that has highly experienced journalists, creative and award-winning designers, highly experienced researchers and analysts, and editors specialized in different industries.