The relationship of brands and organizations with their clients and stakeholders at all levels finds its best catalyst in sharing experiences and, for this, the design and construction of spaces, the assembly and development of events, constitute a work of high value for the business and the evolution of the brand.

Corporate Events

Design and organization of corporate events (launches, fairs, conventions, seminars and congresses), under objectives and concept of marketing, branding, internal communication or high value relationship.

Virtual Events

Methodological design, digital assembly, call and dissemination of virtual corporate events. Dissemination and documentation for internal communication or media management.

Relationship events

Design of events for relationship, mapping of networking, call, digital assembly, tactics for relationship, follow-up contents.

Events for internal communications

Design and organization of corporate events (launches, fairs, conventions, seminars and congresses), under objectives and concept of internal communication.


This is how we did it for Logitech

The Challenge

Achieve that all our stakeholders knew the complete portfolio of brands and had the complete version of what Logitech is today.

What did we do?

a universe of experiences

An event that took attendees away from their busy day to immerse them in the stories of each of our brands,

interacting with Jaybird, Logitech G, Astro Gaming, Blue, Ultimate Ears and Logitech. We create immersive experiences through the use and testing of each of the products.

We designed unique agendas by audience with information and guests of interest.

We implemented group dynamics that guaranteed total interaction. We created espaces that allowed them to experience to the fullest the technology, design and functionality of all our products.

What did we achieve?

More than 170 attendees among journalists, influencers, resellers, distributors and retailers from the region.

We started relationships with new interlocutors such as the marketing managers of e-tailers and retailers in Colombia.

We launched the Blue brand in the country, generating immediate attraction.

Visibility in the media with more than 25 published articles and 11 interviews.

A digital boost with more than 170 stories for a potential reach of 10 million users on social networks.

Enhance your


Content Factory

In a world of screens that define the digital age, content is one of the most important assets in brand building and positioning, but also in the communication strategy and clearly in the marketing development of any business. MG has within its Latin American team a content factory that has highly experienced journalists, creative and award-winning designers, highly experienced researchers and analysts, and editors specialized in different industries.

Spokespersons training

One face, one person is the best distinguishing feature for a brand. The knowledge and leadership that have been achieved in the market, which have been developed with large investments in research and innovation, are enhanced or lost at the time of communication depending on who says it and if it is well transmitted. Spokesperson Training allows communication with the media and public opinion to be more effective and accurate, as well as precise and clear with corporate and business messages and interests.