Comms & PR

Brands and organizations need to be known, then, achieve a constant and clear communication that allows them to be valued and loved by their customers and market, thus enhancing their strategies to lead and sell. MileniumGroup, in its Public Relations practice, masters every tactic to make its clients known, loved and preferred in their business segments.

Strategyc consulting

Achieving communication objectives that impact the business is the job of experts in media, industry, and digital techniques to personalize and adjust them to suit each business.

Corporate Communications

We build for brands a business communication environment beyond themselves, which implies developing a corporate voice that leads the segment in which they compete.

Internal Communications

We live in the era of transparent brands. The strength of a company's reputation lies inside Building and managing channels and an internal communication strategy that adds value to the company is an increasingly important managerial task. At MileniumGroup we update, produce and assemble content for internal communication channels, inter-analysis development, internal customer service and channel technical management.

Media Relations

We achieve opportunities in the media to communicate the value offer of our clients, we work so that journalists identify them as a main source of information their sector.

Online Reputation Management

Monitoring, analyzing, and anticipating is what brands looking to lead in a world of digital conversations that are beyond their control do.

Crisis management

Crisis prevention, crisis management and crisis action are scenarios where communication makes the difference between managing a great opportunity or a big reputational problem. Our team works on the definition of reputational risk, reputation monitoring, data analysis for crisis prevention. Risk assessment, corporate position, development of crisis communication materials, preventive and reactive action plan, corporate crisis management strategies. Design and development of crisis scenarios for simulations with follow-up of manuals and protocols, implementation of strategies and monitoring.

Measurement systems

The efficiency and effectiveness of internal communication strategies impact on the performance and productivity of every organization. Measuring these and other dimensions is possible with customized tools and methods.

Spokespersons Training

One face, one person is the best distinguishing feature for a brand. Spokesperson Training allows communication with the media and public opinion to be more effective and accurate, as well as precise and clear with corporate and business messages and interests. In our workshops we develop sessions of up to 16 hours of training for up to 8 spokespersons with narrative talks and corporate messages, interview management, camera training, comparative sessions.

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In today's world, dominated by screens, the main challenge for brands is to make the most of digital platforms to build real links with their audience. MileniumGroup's Digital team specializes in the development of strategies and content to position your brand, enhance your business model, build reputation, and generate relevant messages for your target audience. MileniumGroup's Digital team specializes in the development of strategies and content to position your brand, enhance your business model, build reputation and generate relevant messages for your target audience.


In a world of screens that define the digital age, content is one of the most important assets in brand building and positioning, but also in the communication strategy and clearly in the marketing development of any business. MG has within its Latin American team a content factory that has highly experienced journalists, creative and award-winning designers, highly experienced researchers and analysts, and editors specialized in different industries.