How does email marketing help your business? Tips to implement it in your campaign.

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Let’s be honest, what do we do with emails with offers or advertising that fills our inbox? Anything but read them.

This is where a premise that we must have as a mandatory business law is born, when we want to use email marketing effectively for our company. And the rule is that this tool is no longer a way to bombard our potential customers. No. That is called spam and it is not only that it does not work out, but it also achieves exactly the opposite effect that we want to achieve: it drives people away who could buy us a product or service.

What is email marketing? How to use it correctly? A well-defined strategy can achieve significant closeness to our customers and achieving the long-awaited loyalty. Here are four tips to implement email marketing campaign:

1. Choose your goal well

First we must know who we are going to impact. Establishing a buyer-person is a good initial step to define our target and what are your needs, interests and desires to develop personalized content. If not all of our clients are equal, neither should our communications. It is important to segment thinking about the level at which the person is involved with the brand (number of products or services purchased) and the moment of the purchase cycle where they are (awareness, consideration, purchase, post purchase).

The database must be updated, an advantage over the competition. Remember that attracting a new customer is 10 times harder than keeping one.


2. Define the offer

How to get success with email marketing? What we offer and how we communicate it is key. An offer that points directly to our target audience and clear and relevant communication is the combination that is needed.

It is important a call to action, which the offer or offer leads to a link, website or phone number. If this is complemented with a plus for the customer, that is, a gift for your purchase, free shipping and bingo!

3. Choose a good shipping schedule

An optimal shipping schedule will generate more responses, although there is a pattern that applies to all email marketing campaigns. Do tests and see how customers react to various communications is a good idea.

It is advisable to ship starting at 12 noon, especially between 14 and 16 hours, when there are higher open rates. The best days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. New customers are the most receptive to our shipments, a feature that is lost over time.

4. Use a lot of creativity

It is important that not only the content is attractive but also the way in which it is communicated. For example, if we use a means that is difficult to understand, it will generate rejection instead of interest. Most important of email marketing is to go step by step in the best way.

  • The issue is what will define whether or not the person opens your email, should generate expectation and be brief and concise.
  • The title of the email must be attractive and explanatory at a time.
  • Do not use too much images as they sometimes tend to be blocked
  • Use different font sizes and bold but with discretion
  • Use the call to action, a link to your email or website
  • The “unsubscribe” button is necessary.
  • Make the email thinking that 3 of 4 open on your cell phone, don’t just design content taking the computer into account.

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