Companies need to change the way they communicate and become media themselves

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Towards the future, companies will increasingly look more like the media and depend less on them to carry their messages to the public.

Communicating the activities of a company is increasingly difficult, as they compete for limited spaces in the traditional media, their audiences often do not follow or read the magazines and newspapers (both off and online) and the complexity of some issues makes even that specialized journalists have problems covering some topics adequately, specially in Latin America, and it has also changed the way we get information. Most consumers proactively look for what they need in order to be informed, from news to features of their new cell phone.

In the past, companies were only the subject of news, now they make them too. Corporate communication has gone from the press release and the internal publications (house-organs) to having to develop portals with their own content and that are up to the standard media.

Today, most companies have at least some type of a business blog. Basically the idea is to use it instead of making announcements; however, they may be limited in their editorial possibilities and insufficient for certain companies and corporate messages and topics..

Blogs are also a form of public relations, the media may find a story in a business blog and then make their own version. Sometimes, even, certain companies are forced to publish the news of their sector simply because the main media cover them in a deficient way or they do not even do it. This trend, far from being temporary, will surely continue to spread due to the deep crisis that the media used by companies to spread their messages are going through, specially in Latin America

The few journalists who remain in the newsrooms end up focusing on covering the big brands that are supposed to be most interesting for most readers; The result is less rich and more redundant content. In the technology sector, for example, traditional coverage focuses more on presenting gadgets and new features than on the effects and uses of the technology itself. It is difficult to find an analysis of its possibilities and impact at the individual, social and corporate level.

Some brands need to create content to generate leads because news is another form of content that can be used to attract an audience that later chooses to hire their services or buy their products, while others produce news as an additional service for their customers. In such a case there is no expectation of a direct return on investment, the objective may be the knowledge of the brand with stories of stories that collaborate to create a new image and create links that can be monetized in the future.

Common places abound in content linked to the internet and new technologies; however, the need for analysis and deepening prevails. The most common excuse for not responding to it is that these contents are “boring” and fail to capture the attention of the few editors.

It was expected that it would be the chip manufacturers, such as Intel, IBM, Qualcomm and nVidia (companies that do not generate the headlines they do get from Apple, Google or Facebook), who led the creation of media systems. Faced with the need to distribute content that promotes them, companies hire their own journalists. They are the resource they have left to cover the void left by traditional means.

The media are overwhelmed by the lack, at times, of the necessary editorial resources and simply cannot keep up with the facts. Too much to cover and not enough journalists.

In MileniumGroup we have developed the MediaHub®, a site that is created within or parallel to the company’s web properties that adds texts, audios, infographics, podcasts and all the content that a company wants to make known and that surely its audiences are looking for .

It has an aggressive SEO that helps companies to be found, organically, when a potential client searches for information related to what that company does.

Towards the future, companies will increasingly look more like the media and depend less on them to carry their messages to the public.

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