MileniumGroup relaunches its brand in Latin America and the United States.

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Simplifying the Journey is the new concept that seeks to reflect its ability to simplify the challenges of its customers but with the highest quality standards.

The new brand and concept launched by MileniumGroup, goes hand in hand with the management changes that the organization has experienced since the beginning of 2019, when it begins to focus on products such as digital marketing, inbound, content marketing that improve the areas for which the agency has always stood out, such as corporate communication and reputation management.

“The challenges of companies, when it comes to marketing and public relations are basically three: to be known, to be liked and to be able to sold their products and services. At MileniumGroup we cover those three stages, from public relations, corporate communications and internal communications, to digital marketing, audiovisual and multimedia production, inbound marketing and content marketing.” said Alberto Arébalos, CEO MileniumGroup.
This change represents a reinvention process that the agency has been building in recent years, a brand focused on the quality of the service offered, with a team dedicated to giving customers the peace of mind that what they want to do in terms of communication and marketing is done in a planned and effective way, thus having the full assurance that your agency anticipates the problems and is always attentive to solve them.

“We are a boutique agency but with scale, we can operate across the continent but we have a clear focus on the customer. We can compete with the great regional agencies, but we have a quality of service, the seniority of our executives and prices that make us extremely competitive. ” Arébalos added.

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