Meeting the Challenge of Digital Marketing

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Latin America is a young region.  The average age of its more than 600 million inhabitants is 29.5 years old; in other words, half of Latin Americans are millennials.

Reaching and stimulating this audience continues to pose a challenge to marketers who look further than the short-term success of a given campaign to seek lasting ties between brands and consumers.

To meet this challenge, we offer time-sensitive analysis of digital marketing tools and trends that complement brand strategies to reach beyond influencers:

Artificial Intelligence (AI): Until recently, AI has been used mostly for scientific and technological ends, but it has also become a necessity for marketing.  AI helps generate more relevant messaging to reach consumers and offer them the answers they need.  Many digital platforms already apply AI algorithms to have an increasingly precise and segmented impact on their audiences.  Using this technology, brands can gain a better understanding of their customers through the data they acquire about them, learning more from every interaction via every type of channel.  This allows advertising to target specific audiences more successfully and even discover new or existing customers by experimenting with new variables.

Putting the client at the center:  We hear this a lot, but it is a principle that isn’t always fully implemented.  Today’s consumers are increasingly sophisticated and well informed, not so easily influenced by traditional tactics.  It is essential for companies to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, keeping in mind that consumers no longer rely solely on information that brands put out themselves but also on an entire world of content at their disposal.  All of this affects their consumption habits.

Content Marketing: This is another growing trend in communications.  Brands need to transform themselves into media and generate smart stories.  Attractive storytelling is key for consumers who can choose from a wealth of information they find more interesting than brand data.  The challenge for companies is to find a way to reach their clients without using traditional advertising, taking advantage instead of the digital data available to them.

Inbound Marketing / CRM:  To have more relevant contact with their clients, companies can create automated workflows that facilitate the communications process.  The main challenge here is to find the right balance of automated responses, whether personalized or through a call center.

Crucial to all of these efforts is an understanding that consumers who were born digital think digital.  To remain relevant, companies must stay up to date with changing trends in Latin America.

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