Video Content and Its Role in Public Relations

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Consumption of video content continues to grow exponentially around the world, making it a priority for PR agencies and the brands they manage, reports a recent article in Forbes magazine, “How Public Relations Agencies Are Becoming Top Creators of Digital Video Content.”

According to the article, the Public Relations Society of America found a dramatic increase in the industry’s use of video content in 2018, along with greater activity on social media such as Snapchat and Instagram.  Many PR agencies have gone into the video production business to provide such content to the brands they represent.

What is behind this trend?  Increasingly, digital technology has blurred the lines between media, advertising, marketing and public relations.  The growing trend among companies to use video to communicate high-resonance messages to specific audiences is an element of communication strategy, the bread and butter of public relations agencies.  The challenge is to produce content that is not only memorable but also hooks audiences, encouraging them to share it with others.

The same Forbes article quotes John Clinton, US Head of Creative and Content at the PR firm Edelman, as saying that “with the emergence of social media, a key success factor is the ability to develop compelling stories that drive word-of-mouth.”  He adds, “It’s not about the top content, or the cheapest content, but who can tell the best story to the target audience. So it made sense for Creative and Content to drive strategic growth for our business. Our creative network includes not just writers and directors, but also journalists, comedians, TV writers, producers, documentarians, experiential experts and designers, who help produce compelling, shareable content.” 

Edelman isn’t alone in this trend.  Some PR agencies have partnered with video producers or even launched their own small production houses, while others use the content their clients generate in new communication strategies.

By empowering their creativity and production areas, this trend allows PR agencies to create stories with the potential to go viral, using the format and tone their clients use in the real world.

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