Brands and organizations need to be known, then, achieve a constant and clear communication that allows them to be valued and loved by their customers and market, thus enhancing their strategies to lead and sell. MileniumGroup, in its Public Relations practice, masters every tactic to make its clients known, loved and preferred in their business segments.

Strategyc consulting

Achieving communication objectives that impact the business is the job of experts in media, industry, and digital techniques to personalize and adjust them to suit each business.

Corporate Communications

We build for brands a business communication environment beyond themselves, which implies developing a corporate voice that leads the segment in which they compete.

Media Relations

We achieve opportunities in the media to communicate the value offer of our clients, we work so that journalists identify them as a main source of information their sector.

Content Factory

Every successful communication strategy extends its impact, reach and effectiveness thanks to its content, whether it is a brilliant copy, a compelling e-book or an amazing video.

Online Reputation Management


Enhance your


Spokespersons training

One face, one person is the best distinguishing feature for a brand. The knowledge and leadership that have been achieved in the market, which have been developed with large investments in research and innovation, are enhanced or lost at the time of communication depending on who says it and if it is well transmitted. Spokesperson Training allows communication with the media and public opinion to be more effective and accurate, as well as precise and clear with corporate and business messages and interests.

Digital Marketing

Sell beyond the local, in the shortest time possible, be where the customers are looking for my service or product. Needs that every company feels and that involve effectively managing their presence in search engines, having tools to identify their buyers and how they buy, understand the different platforms of internet advertising, control costs and optimize their online business strategies. MileniumGroup and its Digital Marketing team have the solutions for your business.